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How does the wood chipper work?


The wood chipper is used to process wood, coconut shells, straw, wooden pallets and other materials. It is mainly used in the density board industry. Do you know how it works? Let me introduce it to you:

When the wood chipper works, it usually starts with the appropriate length during processing according to the length and diameter of the wood. If the wood is too long, we still have to process it in sections. The shorter the better. If the wood is too short, the log segments at both ends will collide. The more collisions, the end faces will be damaged. If this happens frequently, it will also affect our sorting and usage efficiency, and in serious cases, it will not be able to be used normally.

Therefore, during processing, in order to ensure the appropriate length and minimize the impact of logs between wood chip machines, the number of end-face impacts must be ensured. The energy-saving equipment of the wood chip machine is one of them. It is important to improve the operating efficiency of this equipment by ensuring the drying and humidity of the wood and paying attention to seasonal issues that also affect the efficiency of wood peeling.

We usually change the operating efficiency by reducing the slicing depth and increasing the number of cuts. Another point is the sharpness of the knife, maintaining balanced performance, and appropriately adjusting the feed speed to avoid losing balance between blades. Only when these basic conditions are completed can the wood chipper improve efficiency. A little carelessness will lead to poor peeling results, and long-term improper operation will cause damage to the equipment.

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