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Wood Chipper Machine

The wood chipper machine consists of a machine base, a knife roller, an upper and lower feeding mechanism, a feeding device and a hydraulic buffer system. Mainly used to break building formwork, demolition materials, formwork, wood, straw, coconut shell and other materials into wood chips.

Hammer Mill

The principle of high-efficiency hammer mill is that the raw materials enter the crushing chamber, are crushed by the impact force, shear force generated by the high-speed rotating rotor, and the collision force generated by the high-speed rotating rotor, and then pass through the screen. to obtain qualifying products.

Wood Pellet Machine

Ring die wood pellet machine is the latest generation of wood pellet machine in China. The wood pellet machine adopts a large-module hard-toothed helical gearbox and a reinforced spindle, with strong power output, stable equipment operation, low failure rate, and low production cost. The material is pressed into pellets.

Pellet Production Line

The wood pellet production line is a modern production that converts originally wasted wood chips into efficient and usable biomass fuel, which is of great significance to environmental protection and resource utilization.

First of all, the process of the wood pellet production line mainly includes three links: raw material processing, pellet manufacturing and finished product packaging.

In the raw material processing link, wood chips need to be screened, crushed and dried to ensure the quality and stability of the particles.

Next, in the pellet manufacturing process, the wood chips undergo processes such as compression, shaping, cooling and screening to form high-quality wood pellets.

In the finished product packaging process, wood pellets need to be packaged, sealed and labeled to facilitate storage and transportation.

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